Kitesurfing school since 1998

Wind adventures offers the best alternative for your safety in Orient bay.

We do offer a session at 9 am; 11 am or 2 pm (please choose your schedule in your booking)


Radio Coaching system - One to one lessons - Motorboat assistance - 

All our lessons are on reservation, so  ​book now !

Private lessons only !

If you really want to enjoy your lesson and get into kiteboarding, private lessons is a must.


  • premium service with the instructor close to you ALL the time
  • improve your skills without spending time with another student 
  • personnalized coaching
  • more fun with the instructor!


  • only 5% more expensive, so it worth while!

Our beginner's students become independent after 5 or 6 sessions, compared to group or semi private lessons will require more lessons.

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If you are almost independent, you may take few lessons and rent the gear on your own:

Weekly rental + 2 hours private coaching

Weekly rental + 3 x 2 hours private lessons

Weekly rental + 5 x 2 hours private coaching

Beginner's best experience in St Martin

First timer's, you will learn in shallow water for the first lesson: a large sand bar perfect for the first lesson. You will then be able to try with the board in shallow water.

Most of our student prefer learning in shallow water than deep water (lessons possible for 2 people in semi).


Waterstart from the first lesson                    Riding from the second lesson


The girl's specialists in St Martin

Because girls prefer to have more confidence with this extreme sport, our teaching technic is the best for women and girls. The instructor will stay close to you (that's the advantage of private lessons).

We also prefer catakite, the best way to discover kiteboarding and kite control while sitting on a boat.


Enjoy kitesurfing aboard our catakite, the best way to discover kiteboarding for girls.

Discovery class 45 minutes!

Just curious of what kiteboarding is, we propose you to discover this sport within 45 minutes. Kite control (shalow water or aboard a catakite or in tandem) - 80 euros

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Full day lessons - VIP classes

Spend a full day with our instructor. You will learn all the basics, best technics and tips. This is the best way to learn from a pro.

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Pack Lessons + gear: 2 free sessions

Get 2 x 2 hours lessons class (kite + board)  free for any purchase of a Cabrinha New Pack 2017

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Foil lessons

Learn how to foil (only to independent kiters). After a 1 hour lesson, you will have the chance to start to fly on the foil. We use intermediate foils (CAbrinha Double Agent)

How to enjoy Kitefoiling- Theo Demanez from Theo Demanez on Vimeo.

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Book a 2 hours foil lesson

Learn wave-riding, jumping, freestyle

Learn advanced skills with our instructor.

Wave-riding: we will take you on the best wave-riding spot (next to the center),

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Pack kite gear 2017 (Kite + board) + 2 free private lessons

Buy new gear (board and kite) and get 2 free kite lessons

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We offer kite assistance for private riders (jet ski assistance). Also, taxi boat upwind for intermediate riders.

Supervisoon is not a course, but a pro will help you launch, and check if you have a problem (we will come and help you if needed).

Also, if you are not sure if you will go upwind, we will take you outside.

Drop off: 15 € for 1 drop off

2 hours supervision: 20 € - 1 day supervision: 60 € - 

This is the safest way to kite.


  • Why take a private lesson? It is important to learn the right skills from your first lesson. You will learn faster and become independent after few lessons. The instructor is following you with the motorboat and will give you the right tip right away. You will also avoid disconfortable situations and enjoy a lot more kiteboarding. We are 100% with you. Beside, because you will become quicker independent, you will spend less time learning, and less money!
  • Why come in our school in Orient beach? Wind adventures offers premium service, one to one lessons, using radio coaching systems.We are located on the best kite spot in Orient beach, on the windward side, where the wind is the most consistant (kiteboarding requires laminar winds, should not be disturdeb by the mountains, it makes a lot difference when learning). The water is crystal-blue, and you will love the temperature!
  • We have a shallow lagoon for the first lesson (kite control) and a protected bay to learn in deep water. We never go outside of the bay where the swell is bigger. We are in a Marine Park, and you might sea sea turtles or dolphins in wintertime!
  • What to bring with you? We will provide you with everything: lifejackets, helmet, harness. Just bring sunglases for the afternoom session, water, suncream, and your smile! We do sell rashguard if you need (30 euros). You can take a go pro, the instructor will be happy to take videos or photos.
  • What about safety? We have the lattest Cabrinha kites, the widest windrange of the market. The quick release are in perfect working conditions. We will take the right kite size (we do have more than 30 different kites) according to your level and wind conditions. The instructors have radio to talk with the school , and also with you (radio helmet), so you will be completely safe. All our boats are semi-inflatable. We do have all the safety equipment: helmet, lifkacket, reel leash.
  • Which lesson option should you book? First timer: If you want a discovery class, we will take you on the shallow water spot to learn the first skills (safety, water relaunching, kite control). You may have the time to try with the board at the end of the lesson. On land semi-private lesson: we can also offer on land lesson for 2 people Intermediate / advanced riders: as all our deep water lessons are private, we will start from your level, and will improve your skills to the next step. We also offer waver riding, foilboarding and cata kite.
  • When could I go on my own? Generally, atfet 10 hours private lessons (5 x 2 hours), you will ride crosswind. Our instructor will let you rent if you start to go upwind. We also offer taxi-boat to take you upwind, you will just need to ride downwind!

Anguilla kite trip

We do propose every kite trips to Anguilla, a close island with deserted beach.

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Wind adventures developped Catakite in 2001. We used it for kids, super light weight people, women, or just people who want to discover kiting without 



All our instructors are certified, proficient and friendly.. They all speak english.

4 instructors will welcome you at the center (team of 7 instructors):

Insurance: we do have international insurance contract number 97-7743-567




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Cabrinha Kiteshop

STORE - NEW and USED gear - Duty free


Packages boards +kite with free lessons

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Kitesurfing Cruise

Experience a kite cruise around ST Martin. From 2 days to a complete week, our skipper/instructor will make you discover the best of ST Martin, Anguilla and St BArth

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  •  january 7th - 14 th 2017
  • january 14 th to 21st 2017 (+ SUP)
  • january 21 st to 28 th 2017 (+ windsurf)
  • february 18 - 25 th 2017 (+foil)
  • febru 25 th to march 4st 2017
  • march 18 th to 25 th 2017
  • april 1st  to 8th 2017
  • may 22 - 29 th 2017
All you can do pack

Enjoy all our watersports unlimitted with our All You Can Do packs (single, couple or families packs)

Windsurfing, kiteboarding, hobie cat, stand up paddle, giant paddle, sea kayak, surfing, snorkelling, boogie boards...

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Giant paddle

Get it together ! Giant stand up paddle tours and rental.  

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Day Trip to Anguilla

Kite trip to Anguilla everyweek (according to wind conditions) aboard a lagoon 38 ft (non kiters welcome) or motorboat.

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Real time wind

Wind adventures Windguru Sensor 

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